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Life And Business Isn't Linear, You Will Inevitably Experience A Few Bumps Along The Way - What Matters Is How You Handle It.


Hi there, my full name is Deearn Moore, but I'm more broadly known as "Dee" - it's great to meet you here, and I'd love to share a little bit about myself so you can get to know me better.


So, how did I get here?  

Well, I didn’t just wake up one day and say to myself “I’m going to be a self empowerment & self leaadership coach!” - if only it had been that easy!


Life’s lessons are what brought me here - I’ve always had a drive to achieve my travel, study, career and life dreams, but I always seemed to get myself into messy situations; messy relationships, messy workplaces, messy friendships and sometimes, even a messy way of seeing the world.


There were so many times that I thought I was on ‘the right track’ and then I would find myself in a situation that I had created because I didn’t know how to stand up for myself, didn’t know how to ask for what I needed and was downright scared to speak up.


Fresh out of school in 1998, I was a shy 18-year-old, and I was, back then, one of the few young women wanting to make it as a Chef in the restaurant world. 

At this time, the industry was still heavily dominated by men, and I learnt very quickly what it meant to follow your dreams… that you must back yourself if you want to make it, you can’t just simply want it, you must believe in yourself wholeheartedly.


Because, in this world, you’ll be tested every day - you’ll not only be tested in your skills but you'll also be tested in what you stand for - your moral compass will be tested and it's you that has to find the strength within to stay aligned with what matters for you and your life.


Back then, there were things that I wished I hadn’t seen, and times I wish I’d had the confidence to speak up for myself and others - and now I can happily say that I'm a 43 year old woman who has learnt the art of speaking up for myself and even better, have gotten a whole lot better and listening when other's speak up - just like you, I'm not perfect, but I'm in there giving it a good go and can't wait to help you on your very own journey to Self Empowerment and Self Leadership.

It takes great courage to stand alone and strive for what you want for your life, and at age 27, after living out my childhood dream of becoming a chef, working and travelling overseas, I realised that this life that I’d created and the people I had surrounded myself with weren’t for me - I needed to get out of this somehow, even if it meant starting from scratch, all I knew was, that I wasn’t going back into a kitchen, no matter what.


So, I went out on a limb, and to the shock of many, I dropped my initial dream of wanting to travel Europe and open my own restaurant.

Though, to me, the biggest shock of all - I had no idea who I was, and I really wasn’t sure if I even liked who I was, who I’d become and if I was even a nice person anymore.

I was having an identity crisis - who was I if I wasn’t a chef? 

And here I became stuck.

And here I stayed stuck.

Until I picked up a book called If The Buddha Got Stuck*.


Then I learnt how to start getting unstuck - it sounds so easy, but it’s the falling away of all that you’ve known, it’s you staring into the abyss and hoping that you’ll find the answer so that you can just feel like you used to feel when you thought you knew who you were.

And you know something, now, at 43 years of age, I understand that being stuck is the biggest gift you can ever receive during your lifetime and that you will get ‘stuck’ more than just once in your lifetime - for me, it’s happened 4 and 5 times over in different areas of my life, and those ‘stuck’ moments have transformed me into the person I am and love today - this is what ‘stuck’ gives you:


How to take radical responsibility for your life.

How to learn more about your Self more than you could ever have hoped to have without it.

How to feel more.

How to listen more.

How to learn from others more.

How to be flexible and learn new skills.

How to expand your relationships.

How to leave old habits that no longer serve you.

How to leave old relationships that no longer serve you.

How to have your voice and ask for what you need.

How to be vulnerable with others, even when it feels uncomfortable.

How to show up more authentically.

How to trust yourself and have more confidence in the midst of uncertainty.




*Ref: If The Buddah Got Stuck by Charlotte Kasl, PhD. 



I’m a professionally trained coach, specialising in Self Empowerment and Self Leadership and since August of 2020 I have been working with a range of busy professionals who have become ‘stuck’ in some way. 


When clients first come to me, they aren’t quite sure where to start to find the answers to what they should be doing next within their businesses, leadership roles, careers, workplace relationships, personal relationships, family dynamics and more - and I love that I get to put my training to great use to help them find clarity, direction and the confidence to achieve the success they are wanting to experience within their lives, both professionally and personally.



During my time as a chef in the hospitality industry and during my 7 years in the corporate travel world, I noticed that there was a great deal of people in positions of power that had very little people skills who spent more time working out how to fly ‘under the radar’ with their poor behaviour and simply just ‘tick boxes’ to meet HR’s ‘workplace culture’ requirements. 


And as a result, some of these workplaces were anything but a safe space for collaboration and growth.


Instead, people were being ignored for what they wanted for their careers, their futures, developing different skills that they wanted to learn or even how they wanted to be treated as a person.


I witnessed intimidation tactics, and in some cases, straight-out bullying tactics and emotional manipulation by mid-tier management - and in many cases, people were too afraid to speak up for themselves and simply left the workplace with their self-esteem completely shattered and in some cases, when a staff member did speak up, they were made out to be the problem and their character would be brought into question.


At the end of 2019, after years of working as an account manager with many restaurateurs on business strategy, I noticed that the owners of these businesses were avoiding taking action on the suggested solutions or struggling with how to work through challenging social situations with their team members.


I again noticed certain patterns of behaviour in avoidance that individuals chose in order to distract themselves from the issues at hand and wanted to learn more about this - because, if this is what was happening for the leader of the business, this could then explain the results of what many staff members were experiencing in their workplaces.

And that's how I got here...


Since August 2020 I’ve been training as Master Coach with The International Coaching Institute in Melbourne and am now specialising in Self Empowerment and Self Leadership within my own business to help support leaders to create balance and back themselves in business and in life.

I’m on a mission to assist others to learn how to be the leaders that they would not only love to be, but the leaders that we would all love to experience in our workplaces and in life.


Being a Self-Leader is all about learning how to take radical responsibility for your own life and how you want it to be both professionally and personally - and understanding your Self more allows you to start to understand others more, and thus, you learn how to bring this into your professional and personal life so that you can have healthier and happier relationships with others.

This is not a journey for the faint hearted, you will go on a great discovery of Self and it requires you to commit greatly to your Self.


You will find out what it is that is holding you back, and you will learn how to better support your Self in those times when self-doubt, self-criticism and self-sabotage start to sneak in and instead, you’ll have the confidence to lean in and work out a way forward.


If you resonate with anything I've shared above and you'd like to find out more,

Simply book yourself in for FREE CONSULT:


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