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In this space, I've chosen to share with you some of my favourite quotes from some of my favourite writers, artists and performers.


Along with these quotes, I've offered up some up my thoughts about what I've learnt and some of these are accompanied by some questions in hopes to assist you with creating some of your own thoughts about what is shared.


- Enjoy, Dee. 


I just love Michelle and her warmth, vibrancy and passion that she has for her own life, her family, her friends and for the greater good of humanity and for the caring and supportive relationship she has with her husband.

My purpose for sharing this with you is so you can start to see that life is not all about 'getting', it's not about creating goals - they are just the 'nice to have's' - instead, it's about finding out about yourself on a much deeper and more profound level, without this, your highest level self will remain unattainable because ultimately, how you relate to yourself is how you relate to what you are telling yourself that you deserve in your life - which will also influence the types of relationships you allow yourself to have with others and the rest of the world.

So what kind relationship would you like to have with yourself, what kind of relationships with others would you like to have and what kind of legacy would you like to leave behind... You matter.

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20210322 Lean In Quote from Sheryl Sandberg - Living ATL.jpg

As a woman who has spent her lifetime focusing on her career and often been surrounded by a male dominated workplace - Sheryl Sandberg is hands down one of my heroes. This book brought about great insights for me regarding how women diminish other women in the workplace when in front of their male superiors because we’ve been conditioned that way over many many years - it’s slowly getting better, but I wish I’d have had this book in my early 20s so I could understand where this was all coming from.


In relation to the quote I’m sharing from the book, however, here’s my thoughts about how our internal dialogue has the power to hurt, heal and to hold us back…

The words, language and tonality that we choose to express to ourselves internally play such an important part in what we are telling ourselves we are capable of and what we are telling others that we are capable of - the language that we use is creating our own reality every single moment of every single day…

Choose your words wisely and mindfully, just like you would go about choosing the next destination to visit for your annual holiday - carefully and mindfully choose what you are telling yourself is possible, because ultimately, you are pinning that destination into your internal GPS.

20210412 Any Ordinary Day Quote - Living ATL.jpg

Out of one of the interviews that Leigh Sales talks about in "Any Ordinary Day", came this sharing about the complexity of life, and so it got me to thinking about getting comfortable with challenges by learning to ‘trying on’ some of these “what if’s”:


* What if you tried on what it felt like to know that there is so much joy and sadness existing in the world at the very same time, it's not a case of one or the other, it's all there, happening together.

What if you tried on the idea that all of these can also exist within you at the very same time - and if that is true for the world and you, it must also be happening for another.

What would it feel like to give yourself compassion, knowing that this duality is possible - that at the same time as there being unkindness in the world, there is also kindness…

What if you could access that unkindness within you, and you were able to share (amongst your own duality occurring) some kindness with it… knowing that you can…


* What if you could access that unkindness within another, and you were able to share (amongst your own duality occurring) some kindness with them… knowing that you can…


How liberating and freeing would this feel?

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