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Self Empowerment & Self Leadership
& Choosing To Live Above The Line

So What Is Above The Line and Below The Line?

At any one time, we all experience difficulties, whether in business or in life - but what matters is how you handle them.


Whatever the limitation someone is experiencing is directly related to how they perceive that situation based on the filters of awareness they are seeing the situation through.

Above The Line and Below The Line is a thinking model that is commonly referred to in the coaching world where we look at challenges in life and whether or not someone is coming from a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

We look at how it is that a person is navigating the world around them, what their beliefs about the situation might be and how this is allowing them to either accomplish results or restrict their ability to achieve their desired outcomes.

We see this model at play in many situations, and in fact, it's constantly at play and isn't limited to just one area of life - it's universal across all areas of existence (self, others, business choices, personal and social circle choices and even financial choices). 

Living Below The Line VS Living Above The Line Mindset:

Below The Line thinking is commonly seen in blame, excuses and justification.

When an individual finds themselves very much lost in the story - they are living at 'effect' and very much believe they have a limited amount of resources (time/energy/money/support).

As a result of these beliefs, they easily become overwhelmed, quite closed, defensive, committed to being 'right' and committed to proving their point - even though it's very much restricting their ability to move forward.


Above The Line thinking on the other hand is all about taking ownership, responsibility and accountability of one's life.

It presents itself in being openly curious, transparent, committed to learning, questioning beliefs, being playful and present in the moment.

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What Implementing The Living Above The Line
Way Of Life Allows Us To Do:

When we use this thought model as a guide, it allows us to create more choice by;

* Becoming aware of and challenging our current perceptions and filters

* We can compare against this model, which has a proven structure to deliver more resourceful outcomes.

* Problems can't be solved by the thinking that created them, so this model is perfect for shifting the thinking to get a different outcome.

* Visibility to see if our current thinking is going to lead us to the desired outcome or not.

* Allows more options to become available than was there before. 

How It Works:

Our Beliefs = Our Decisions

Our Decisions = Our Actions

Our Actions = Our Outcomes

AND the level of ownership we have in and around our beliefs for any given situation with the level of accountability and responsibility we're willing to take around those beliefs in any given situation is going to largely determine the types and quality of the decisions that we make.



High Quality Decisions = High Quality Actions

High Quality Actions = High Quality Outcomes

AND if this is the case, when we're making these types of decisions and actions, we're not only going to grow, but we're going to grow from strength to strength. The opposite is also true and the quality of our beliefs is what determines all of this.




Low Quality Decisions = Low Quality Actions

Low Quality Actions = Low Quality Outcomes



So What Causes Us To Fall Below The Line With Our Thinking?

When an event happens, your survival mode operation kicks off and you identify a threat, which triggers a response.

This response usually restricts and reduces us back to our 'reptilian brain' and we find ourselves in fear, flight, fight or freeze - these are your options when you drop below the line, and of course, you're going to see that your outcomes are going to be restricted/limited.

The Wonderful Thing About Consciously Choosing To Live Above The Line:

Is that you are making a decision to reinforce, through your unconscious mind, where it is you are choosing to play.

As a result, your unconscious mind begins to access both the left and right hemispheres of your brain - both the logical and creative faculties. This allows you to come up with solutions in and around the challenges you face or opportunities that are presented to you.

The more time you spend above the line, the more that muscle is built, as a result, your unconscious mind is now accessing both hemispheres in a resourceful manner - rather than defaulting back to that position of survival, you start to experience higher quality outcomes. And as you start to build on the experiences of those incremental wins, you reinforce to your unconscious mind where it is now that you're choosing to exist.

In Short:

If you want high quality results in your business, leadership role or life,

and you want to achieve greater levels of success

in your relationships and who you attract into your world, 

then why not choose to Live Above The Line?

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