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Practicing Boundaries & Self Love

Online Event | Presented By Dee & Chrissy | Sat, 2 December 2023 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM AEDT

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In December I'm teaming up with Christine Malm from Mindful Breakthrough to help you get 'festive season ready' - the aim is to get you prepared for end of year demands from others in your business and personal life so that you can meet everyone in a more grounded and self supported, powerful way this year!!

If you’ve ever doubted yourself or feared letting someone know you aren’t happy about a certain situation or comment or are even slightly uncomfortable with the concept of giving someone else feedback on how you expect to be treated - then this workshop is for you - and what better time to prepare yourself, than in the lead up to the festive season!


Our aim for this workshop is for you to have some key takeaways, so that you can start to master the art of boundaries, whilst understanding the kindest way to implement them for yourself and others.

To Help Get You Started, Ask Yourself These Questions:

● Do l find myself people-pleasing?

● Am l valuing my feelings?

● Am l living congruently within the realms of my boundaries?

● Do l meet disrespect with respect for myself and others?

● Are my boundaries in alignment with my values?

● Am l making Healthy choices with what I’m allowing in my world?


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